Program > Major topics

Topic 1: General problems 

Formulations, static (electrostatic, magnetostatic) and quasi-static (eddy current) problems, radiation and scattering, boundary conditions, absorbing boundaries, time dependent domains. 

Topic 2: Discretization methods 

Numerical methods : finite element, finite difference, finite volume, integral methods, equivalent charge and fictitious source methods, discontinuous Galerkin methods, meshless methods, mesh generation, error estimators, mixed methods, fast methods, asymptotic methods, multiscale problems. 

Topic 3: Methods to solve large systems 

Direct methods, iterative methods, multipole methods, preconditioners, eigenvalue problems, parallel and vector computations. 

Topic 4: Material modelling 

Superconducting materials, composite materials, magnetic materials, permanent magnets, metamaterials, plasmonics, active materials, plasma, anisotropy, homogenization, ferromagnetics, ferroelectrics, photonic bandgap structures, absorbing materials. 

Topic 5: Coupled problems 

Multiphysics problems : electromagnetics - thermal - mechanics of solids and fluids, localized circuits. 

Topic 6: Design and optimization 

Sensitivity analysis, optimization, experimental designs, neural networks, inverse problems, software environments. 

Topic 7: Applications 

Electric motors and other electromechanical actuators, electric vehicles, transformers and transport of electric power, induction and microwave heating, interaction between waves and organic or inorganic matter, EMC, telecommunications, waveguides and optical fibers, eddy current and microwave non destructive evaluation and testing, antennas, radar and S.E.R, optics and photonics, terahertz imaging, education, etc. 

Official languages: French, English. 

Papers presented at NUMELEC 2017 may be submitted for publication in EPJ Applied Physics, Annals of Telecommunications or European Journal of Electrical Engineering. The selection will be achieved according to the usual criteria of these journals.

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